Branded tissue paper

Branded tissue paper

The alluring whisper of a true luxury product

A gift cocooned in rustling tissue paper is still perceived as the height of exclusiveness. JUNG‘s branded tissue papers envelop the product with your good name, and underline the high standards of your brand.

You can choose from a wide selection of tissue papers in a great variety of qualities. Ultra soft, finely textured, transparent, matt, shiny... only the sky‘s the limit for your good taste at JUNG.

Modern printing techniques enable us to even produce unique papers in small batches and offer them to you as sheet or roll wrap at an attractive price-performance ratio.

metallic relief printing

Logo impression in metallic relief printing(Premium)

gloss UV lacquer

Logo impression in gloss UV lacquer (Premium)

gloss white coating

Logo impression in gloss white coating (Premium)

Tissue, white or black, from 18 to 25 g/m², PH-neutral and bleach-resistant
Printing inks
Bio-alcohol inks, UV-inks. Up to 6 colours.
Metallic relief prints in gold, copper or silver
Gloss UV lacquer in all pantone colours
Gloss white coating
High-gloss varnishes
EXCELLENCE: approx. 200 kgs of paper (equivalent to 14.000 m in 75 cm width at 20 g/m²)
PREMIUM: approx. 50 kgs of paper (equivalent to 3.500 m in 75 cm width at 20 g/m²)
Delivery time
approx. 4-6 weeks after print approval or after appointment.

Available roll and sheet dimensions

Shop rolls
In run lengths of 500 - 1000 m with widths of 50 or 75 cm
Cut at intervals of 75 cm print width in all matching widths, on a 50 mm wide tube.
Hand rolls
In run lengths of 2 - 100 m with widths of 50 or 75 cm, on 40 or 50 mm tubes, shrink wrapped in PE protective foil
Upon request with unique label, pack in cardboard tubes to be dispatched individually.
50 x 75 cm format or
75 x 100 cm format or
Upon request shrink wrapped in PE and/or cartons to be dispatched individually.

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